At Steel Mill we believe that to succeed you must have our 3 pillars of success.  These are Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability.  At Steel Mill we believe in lifelong sustainable ways of living that include a nutritional protocol that anyone can follow and can be adjusted to suit the individual.  Our members are our most valuable resource and we believe that all our members should have access to this.

When you enroll into one of our challenges here is what you will get:

  • 1. You will receive a free nutrition consultation. Once you arrive you will greeted by our staff and will get your InBody scan which will tell us where you are starting from.
  • 2. We then go over your previous history including medical background to make sure we can serve you in the best way possible. We will go over you short term and longterm goals and help you set some milestones along the way.
  • 3. We explain the program and will go over our meal plan with you. Once you are a challenge member you will receive the following:
  • Meal Plan based on where you are at
  • Grocery List to fit this plan
  • Meal Prep Guide
  • Restaurant Navigation guide
  • Travel Tips & Tricks Guide
  • Weekly Workbook
  • A special members only online portal
  • Over 200 recipes to help you along the way (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Shakes)
  • 4. You will then be added into our accountability program where you have an accountability coach assigned to you to help you stay on track. You will also get access to our private FaceBook Group where you and others who are traveling the same path can access your coaches, peers, and all the materials.

Hybrid Nutrition & Accountability

Our Hybrid program makes sure that you reach your fitness and health goals. You will be assigned a personal accountability coach who will help monitor your nutrition and guide you with a plan to meet your scheudle and needs. This means we will find out what foods you like and make sure you reach your goals while eating the things you like.


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Along with good nutrition comes good supplementation.  At Steel Mill we believe that food is the first and biggest building block of your nutritional program.  However, we have teamed with Prestige Labs to bring you the very best and cleanest products on the planet.

These products are made by PHD’s and trusted by Olympians.  The best part is they are delivered straight to your house.  All the products are 100% organic & clean and pass all WADA drug test standards.  These will give you the cutting edge to burn fat, lose weight, and build rock solid muscle.